Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness for Etsy.

I’ve done it again, I’ve cancelled a fair. I won’t be at Stourbridge, wail! I’m not taking part in the Glass Festival, oh, the agony! I wanted to be there, it’s wrong not to be.

It took me ages to make a final decision because I don’t like letting organisers down, Head and Heart battled it out and then Gut Feeling had enough and stepped in and sorted them out. I only hope that GallowGlass has a waiting list and someone hopped into my place quick smart.

‘If it causes that much pain, why aren’t you going?’ you may question, and fair enough too.

Well, it’s so far to travel from Scotland and I can’t do it with this fickle illness called M.E without long reaching consequences (and mine is not the worst case by any means). I simply can’t guarantee that I’ll be on top form in August (I keep having to sleep in the daytime, it is such a monumental bore) and the worry about being ready for a big fair is not an aid to getting better now.

I was looking forward to seeing fellow makers, I really was. I have two more fairs booked this year, both much closer to home, and then that’s it for me, I’m not attending any more in the foreseeable future.

A weight has lifted, what a lovely feeling! I am not giving up lampwork, I enjoy it too much, but the element of stress around money, ideas, display, travel, somewhere to stay and sales just wasn’t acceptable anymore, it was not fun. I spend far too much time on it for it to be another source of anxiety, that’s just silly.

: )