Shed v Studio

Yesterday it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t windy, in this coastal position, it’s not what the weather is, but what it’s not that determines outdoor activities. So, we decided to take advantage of the calm weather, and clear ‘my’ shed out.

‘It’s not a ‘shed’!’, kindly, well meaning folk tell me, ‘you must call it a studio
No…it’s a shed. Look.

The tea towels block the sunlight (I know! Sunlight!) which interferes with being able to see the flame. They look horrible…must do something about those. I mean, they really spoil the decor…

Those pictures were taken after we tidied up and moved stuff out. We even managed to get the strip lights working again, and as long as no (more) water comes along to spoil it, I can enjoy the novelty of working lights, I am so happy about this! The roof still needs replacing, the floor needs raising by 5 inches, for some reason it’s lower than the ground outside. One thin wooden wall needs to be replaced with bricks. It’s a good size and with money spent, could be brilliant.
I found evidence of mice in the form of shredded cardboard and a nibbled sponge, and lots of droppings. The bird seed packets had been raided and there were dehusked seeds in small piles in odd places. I was happy that the mice had found an easy supper. Good for them. I wonder what they’ll do now that the seed bounty has been tidied and stashed in sealed containers. My heart says to put a few seeds out for them, my head says, ‘don’t be ridiculous!’.
One day, I will have a lovely work space, with a small shop area and a sofa for chats and a kettle etc, I can’t wait. Maybe this year, probably not at this address, there are promises of ensuring that my workspace needs are a top priority when we move. I have a bottom drawer of things I have collected to decorate my new space with. Maybe then I will be able to train myself to call it a ‘studio’, probably not though. I’d rather say ‘shed’ and then amaze people with it than call it ‘studio’ and it doesn’t live up to expectations. Also, wherever I work will be the ‘Shed of Destiny’, because it’s funny. No, I don’t know why I think so. ‘Studio of Destiny’ is not funny, not in a good way anyhow.
Here’s my old Max boy, I have no idea why he’s hanging off his bed like that, I put it down so that he’s off the freezy floor, but he’s just not that bothered.