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I bought a dog bead from Lauren at Maybeads a while back, he usually lives on the dado rail opposite where I have my laptop so I see him everyday. Recently I showed him to someone, put him in my pocket where he lived for a couple of days (it was nice having the bead in my pocket, beads definitely aren’t all about jewellery for me) then I put the cardigan in the washing machine without checking the pockets…and was sad when I found the bead lying in the bottom of the steely shiny drum with a broken ear (and somehow looking up at me) when I took the washing out later. What a twit, first rule, check pockets! I told Lauren what had happened, and for quite a few days the little dog bead found various places to sit, a shelf in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and the chest in the bedroom until he finally made it back to the dado rail. He’s such a character, and amuses me. I got home yesterday lunchtime just as the postman had delivered mail into my husband’s hand, there was a small packet with a customs label, and Lauren’s name on it, and I guessed immediately what would be inside, I started squealing in a very girly manner causing David to ask hurriedly, ‘What’s wrong? What’s happened?’ but he got no sense out of me, I was Being Girly. Inside I found another dog bead, and a note –

‘Min, I know that awful feeling of finding a broken bead all too well, so I’ve sent a reinforcement. It’s not a duplicate, but I think he is from the same litter : )’

Isn’t that sweet? I was so made up.

But then I had the challenge of being able to find the words to say ‘thank you’ properly, because I’m finding it harder and harder to know how to say thank you when people are kind/sweet/thoughtful/caring, and it keeps coming up which means that I must know some jolly decent, caring, thoughtful, kind people.

making friends…

Dear Lauren,

That was adorable of you, I am massively touched, so much so that I had to wait a day before I could string some words together to say so : )  I love my new addition, they’ve made friends and will live happily on the dado rail and won’t be seeing a washing machine from the inside ever again. Your generosity of spirit is inspiring and heart warming, I’m sending a big hug all the way to Buffalo Grove : )




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  1. Min, I’m so glad he arrived! I guess he’s the long lost big brother (I didn’t realize how much bigger he was than the original!). I feel the same way about beads – they aren’t all about jewelry. I have a little shelf in my room for my special beads, yours included. I had to put it up high so our kitten-cat wouldn’t bother them, but they sit up there safe and sound and just make me happy by being there for me to look at. My daughter sends beads through the wash all the time because she carries them in her pocket and I obviously don’t check pockets, so I can relate to the sinking feeling of finding glass faces peering up at you from the washer or dryer. I’ve also sent my turtle rings through the wash because I put them in my pocket when I torch. If this doesn’t teach me to check pockets, then I’m a lost cause. 🙂 Thank you so much for the sweet post, Min. I’m truly touched.

    • Yes, the first one is so small! He inspired me to try to make a cat the same size, mine can get pretty big. I must post a picture of them on the rail, they sit next to each other. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t always check pockets (life’s short!) but we could put all our beads through a wash and say that they have been thoroughly tested for durability : )
      You are welcome X

  2. Oh bless, he is a sweetie, the one with the broken ear and his big brother. I have two Lauren beads too, they sit on my ‘glass stash’ in the shedio, just hob-nobbing amongst themselves :O) I have an invalid shelf on the welsh dresser in the kitchen for all those creatures that are missing an arm, beak, wing etc., I just can’t bear to throw them away!

    Laney x

  3. I love the “invalid shelf,” Laney! I had all my wonky beads (cracked, missing a foot, etc) on a little ledge in my kitchen for a long time, and more under my computer. I think it’s harder to throw away beads that are looking at you. One day I did something rash and tossed a little cracked turtle in the trash. My husbands saw it sitting on top of some papers in the garbage and fished it out and put it back under my computer. 🙂

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