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~ About Commissions ~

I say I don’t really do them, but then I do. I also say, ‘commissioned beads, such as cats, dogs and owls start at £15 each, not including p&p’ but sometimes it is less than that, it’s a moveable, flexible feast. Sometimes it’s too hard to interpret what a customer wants and I can end up making several items in the pursuit of one that is ‘right’. When I’ve poured effort into something that might normally be £8 if I had made it with natural flow and not prescription, and after all that I haven’t made anything else for my shop or dealt with things for other customers, that’s when I want to say ‘I don’t do commissions, because now my head hurts and it’s not worth the difficult labour birthing this thing unless I’m charging at least ooh, £300 a pop (but hey, that includes the photos and emails, bargain) £15 just isn’t close to covering it’. So, you can try me, and I will probably be very obliging, (I usually am, and also, I really like it when it works out and people are happy) but occasionally commissions are just too much for me, and they can kill creativity, which is what I rely on.

Sometimes I am really quick, sometimes it can take weeks for me to complete a commission. It depends on whether the Gods are smiling on the subject of the commission, if I’m in full on cat mode, sometimes I cannot just switch to owls. Whatever happens, I will keep in touch about progress, or lack of. This may seem vague and unmanageable but the good news is, I don’t like letting people down. At worst I will have to say that I am not able to carry out a request, this usually only happens when I have tried hard first.

If my notification of completion is not acknowledged, or items are not paid for within 7 days of notification of completion (unless otherwise agreed) they may well be put up for sale online or at fairs. As soon as I receive payment, the order will be shipped

Prices start at £15 (not including postage and packing)



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  1. Hello Min
    I’m wondering if you could make me a sideways cat like the one you have posted. I love it.
    I live in Wisconsin USA. So if you could quote me a price that would be awesome.



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