Where am I at right now?

Good question. My shop is depleted, I do not like to see it in this state – well, I do, but I also like there to be something for people to look at when they visit, so I need to get onto that pronto. Meanwhile, I’ve been making necklaces and at last, sending them out to my patient customers – thank you all! I managed to have a vile migraine yesterday, and it hasn’t quite gone today, but I’m functioning (sort of) with the aid of medical science which has made me very thirsty. Hopefully I can start tying up the loose ends now and then get back to the shed to start making some of those specific orders. I really don’t like to keep people waiting.

One of the reasons for opting for the more personal approach to presenting what I do is that I will never ever manage a glossy impersonal image with slick photography and prose, I get nausea inducing migraines/sinus and have ‘low level’ M.E. neither of which aid a supremely professional and disengaged image. Anyway, I figure that behind companies that are able to appear untouchable are real people who also get ill or hormonally challenged on occasion, I’m just not trying to hide my madness. I would need Elves scurrying around on my behalf, and I don’t have any of those. They’d only get in the way.

The draw for the necklaces in ‘The Cat’ will take place soon, how exciting! What an honour to be a part of that.


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