fluttering heart

Culzean Castle grounds were absolutely stunning today, and the drive along the coast road with views of Ailsa Craig were magic. Scotland in sunshine has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world (I’m not Scottish, and I don’t think I’m biased…)

I had lots of visitors at my table today, many of whom didn’t realise that the beads I have for sale are all Made By Me (MinMade, hah) despite notices to that effect. I usually have to explain it very clearly, and even then I can see the cogs turning before people actually realise what I am telling them, ‘You make all these? They’re lovely!’ (I like that comment of course) or the one that amuses me most, ‘Well, it’s nice to have a wee hobby’. Er…hobby?! Were it only so simple!

Eventually there will be more glass-bead makers in this area, meanwhile, I know I’m fortunate to be one of the few here on the west coast of Scotland, and I hope those about to launch themselves on the public will benefit from my endeavors. Mind you, I explained so often today, more than I have ever had to before at any other fair, light headed because there was no time to snatch a proper bite to eat (all together now…aw…!) demonstrating with mandrels and ends of glass rods, that I felt like having a collection tin on my table for donations for my efforts. I could give the money to the cat’s protection league…or buy myself some Strepsils maybe.

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