not again!

Hmm…I haven’t made beads for a couple of days and am having withdrawals. Today I decided to be ‘good’ before I rewarded myself with a bead session, as I really do need to get myself a regular income. I began by updating my cv, which doesn’t represent me very well at all. A dry old list of school qualifications and subsequent employment through some difficult years does not reflect who I am today, or what I can offer. I think I can offer a lot, but how to put that on paper?
In the process I managed to give myself another migraine…it was as if Clariss Cliff and Kandinsky had come to play, great colours and shapes where my vision was missing, and then the flashing patterns. Thank God the doctor prescribed tablets to kill the migraine before pain sets in, but of course I had to crash out as a result of taking them. Still, I’m up and about on the same day, which is miraculous, but I do feel as if I’ve lost hours to migraine again, and it’s quite simply due to stress. I’m sure that once I’m earning I won’t be so prone.
When I got up from my restful slumber (accompanied by Cat, as usual) I saw the
Bodyshock programme featuring 31-year-old neurofibromatosis sufferer Huang Chuncai.  It was very touching.
Have I got problems? No!
It baffles me that I need reminding of my good fortune quite so often, gratitude is so important.
Happy Day!
Min X

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