R.I.P Nokia 9300

Two things happened to me today –

Firstly, I dropped my Nokia 9300 into the sea. Expletive, Expletive, Expletive! I’m going to borrow hubbie’s wellies in a minute and go for a wade as the tide has gone out again, my own wellies are still soaked from an earlier rescue effort. I’m pretty good about backing up info so that’s not a worry, but I’ve had that phone since mid 2005, and suddenly I don’t…there was nothing wrong with it, it wasn’t even on it’s way out and about to be replaced. In fact, I have an LG Chocolate still in the box, rejected in favour of my ‘old’ phone when I took out a new contract. I really ought to ebay it.
I lost my phone today because I was juggling three dogs, leads, poo bags, a dog toy, and a camera, and I lost track of coat zippers. Oh well, as they say, ‘worse things happen at sea’, and they do.


Talk about a quick update to a story. David came to tell me that there were lots of people on the beach, didn’t I want to hurry up and get down there? I downed the last slug of my coffee, raced onto the beach, asked if anyone had seen a phone and they shook their heads blankly, far more focused on rock pools and shells. I looked about five yards to my left, and there it was, the familiar brick shape, silvery against the sand. Has there ever been anyone before who was glad to see their phone even though it was utterly kaput? I just wanted to say ‘goodbye’ to it and move on.

Secondly, I sold my first bead via my website, and not to someone I know. Now that was a great antidote to the phone issue, I am delighted. Note that I am resisting over use of exclamation marks…

Ooh, and I got a delivery from Tuffnell Glass, yummy CiM glass, mmmm…..and some excellent silver bead caps from bumpybeads.co.uk.

So, all’s well, that ends well.

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