red girl

I had a lovely ‘commission’ recently, a very small one, but one that I appreciated very much. I was asked to make a bead for a friend’s five year old daughter, the only proviso being that it must be red, as her little girl loves the colour above any other. I was immediately struck by this, a red girl among so many pink girls? I couldn’t wait to get started.
I forgot to take pictures of the selection I came up with, but out of about five beads two were chosen, one was a flower shape with poked dots and the other was quite a large clear bead with two twists of red running through it. ‘She can wear the flower bead round her neck’ said her mum, Gina, ‘and she can keep this one in her pocket’. I loved that. A bead for her pocket!? I almost welled up.
Best thing is, the little girl loved the beads but would like a red heart too…oh dear, tut, that means I have to spend time in the shed again, how awful…

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