So, I had bit of a shutdown where lampwork was concerned, it was quite a worry this time, it felt Serious. I began to think lampwork had left me for good, just like that. There’s really nothing like it, not even yarn related crafts can replace it even though I could happily play with wool all day long. A couple of weeks ago the inspiration and motivation came back and I got back into it, ideas came flooding in (and then I’d worry that someone else was making that idea in exactly the same way already, what a minefield the copying thing is) so I went back to my ‘Long Haired Cat’ beads to see what happened, here are the two nicest beads that I have made so far.


4 thoughts on “Shutdown

  1. Glad to see you back at the torch, Min – love the long haired cats! I’ve been through this recently too. I reckon I spent at least 8 months away from the torch with the odd hour-long session here and there to test the water, see if I could prod myself back into it. Like you, I worried that lampwork and I were finished and that thought upset me. I don’t know what changed but something clicked and I’ve suddenly found myself eager to get to my next session! I’m currently a cabochon-making demon 😀

    • Oh Jane, I am very glad for you that you’re back torching again too, I felt quite lost, didn’t know what I was meant to do all day without ideas and beads to list. Most peculiar. I must go and see what you have been making, I love your dragon eye cabs : )

  2. Min, I know how you feel. I haven’t made very much at all in the last few months – only a few beads that a friend really needed. I’ve longed to be inspired to make something, but just lacked the drive to get in there and get started on something. I think it can happen to anyone. I’m very glad to hear your torch-less time has passed and that you’ve made these beauties! They make me grin, such fun and so skillful. I love your beads Min and I treasure mine. I can’t wait to see what you make next! xx

    • Aw Hazel, well, I hope the thing that gives us motivation (there must be a version of Cupid for us, surely? Or is the term ‘muse’ right for that?) strikes you with a barrage of ideas and you’re out there making more beautiful beads. I am glad mine make you grin, they are a bit mad after all : ) xx

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