sunny sunday

My friend Rose was here for the weekend, she travelled up all the way from the south of England, which I appreciated. We mentioned a couple of times that I would do a bead making demo in the short time that she was here, but on Saturday it was so cold and wet (and the boiler had given up the ghost on Friday) that I wasn’t feeling too enthusiastic about it as The Shed of Destiny is a bit basic when it comes to heating. Brr!
I always worry a bit if I don’t fancy making beads, I think ‘Oh no… the passion and interest have waned, I’m a fraud…’ but I know myself well enough and the moment does comes round again, suddenly I just can’t wait to get in there and fire up.
That’s how I woke up on Sunday morning. The Shed was calling to me, and Rose and I didn’t have to run the gauntlet of a high wind between front door and Shed door (for a change) so off we went over a few puddles.
I demonstrated the making of a few beads, then Rose had a go and managed a well balanced bead, I was very pleased for her, but she wasn’t bitten by the bug (this time) and I soon found myself back in the hot seat, during which some unexpected but welcome beads emerged.
It was a real treat to make beads with such a great (and patient) friend by my side, thanks Rosie!

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