Perth Bead Fair

The bead fair at Perth Concert Hall this Sunday was such fun, I loved meeting people, and especially those who came with stories of beads bought from me and worn since the last bead fair at that venue. I need money as much as the next person, but the most fulfilment I acheive cannot be measured in financial terms, taking part in something I enjoy and feeling as if I belong and am valued means much more to me. Financially speaking, I will never be rich, I have had depression to such an extent that if someone had come to give me £10million I would have told them to go away and stop bothering me. I am just happy to be in a good mood and to have had an experience that did not leave me exhausted. Riches can be measured in many different ways.

Having said that, I bought a second oxycon from Martin Tuffnell. I hadn’t planned to (truly honestly) but as he was wheeling them out to the van I found myself counting out the cash and handing it over…so, I’m extremely pleased and quite excited at what it will do for me. I like making big beads and boro beckons too…not only that, but it would be so fab to have the facilities for two people to torch at the same time one day…perhaps after I have a shed that does not have a puddle under the table when it has been raining. Either the people who built my shed (it’s a brick building) were so used to the rain that puddles weren’t an issue, or they had a cunning plan when they made sure the floor was 4″ lower than the ground outside. I still haven’t worked out what it might be though…


I recently had a little breakthrough with my understanding of stringer work, I’m a very long way from being as good with stringer as Dora Schubert, or Mindy from Moogin, but what little I can do has made a big difference to potential for new designs. I’ll be concentrating on getting better at that and making sure that I have a new and vibrant selection of beads in time for Christmas, plus lots of cat beads (and maybe dogs too) and ducks, which I find time consuming and a bit pesky to make, but people seem to want them very much so oh, OK, I’ll make some. Ducks would be much easier to make if they didn’t have necks, or eyes. Mess either of those essential body parts up and one has a sweet little duck body and a lump for a head.

I have been promised photos from beaders and jewellery designers who intend making items using my beads, I know it can take time while an idea forms and a piece is made, so when pictures turn up out of the blue it will be a nice surprise. Well, that’s my news…I’m conscious that the 1st year anniversary of breaking my ankle is coming up. One of my clearest memories of that alarming event was talking to the ambulance man about bead making as we were on the way to the hospital, I was so glad that despite the calamity I could still make beads. What if I’d broken my arm? Nightmare!