Cat Show, Dundee

I will be at this cat show in Dundee on Sunday 12th May, that’s quite exciting, it’s my only booking for the year, and I can tell you that I’m anxious already. One of the reasons for giving up doing fairs is the preparation stress I have around it, not to mention getting up at what I think is way too early to drive for two hours before I even set up the table, but hey, there will be real kitties there, that’s an incentive!

The plan is to resist taking any jewellery findings whatsoever with me, otherwise I will find myself trying to make jewellery on the spot. I can’t do that anymore without being utterly shattered at the end of the day and beyond,  so what I will do is ask for a deposit, and make and mail any items up within the next week, the balance can be paid through Paypal. Of course I am happy for people to buy my beads just as they are.

I was asked to make some Siamese cat beads, and very serious they are too –