The Promise Honoured

 I’m struggling chaps, I am. I’ve had a good spell of lots of lovely energy, and suddenly…boomph, I’m sleeping like the proverbial log all afternoon because I have no choice with the M.E. This means fewer hours in the day in which to achieve anything of substance and my promises will take longer to fulfill, but orders and requests won’t be forgotten (God willing). It doesn’t help that I work best in the evening and it is jolly dark, cold and wet outside, that short journey to the shed feels long, but at least I have a working radiator under the table, luxury. The hardest thing is switching my brain on to consider what I have to make, whereas if I just had to pick up a rod of glass and make anything I fancied, it would be easier. I don’t want to let anyone down.

What did I manage today? I posted the necklaces off to the winners of The Cat magazine draw, hurray : )

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